Writing About Your Family

You can write about your family in a Family History kind of way. Or in a My Family is So Crazy kind of way. Both work for me, and here are a few ideas for both.

Prompts for Writing about Your Family: 

  1.      What makes you family different? What do you love about them? What makes you proud? What do you dislike? What causes pain or embarrassment?
  2.      Which people in your family keep stories or traditions.
  3.      What are your traditions? Which are from your parents or grandparents? Which are new? Why did you start them? Which do you hope your children will continue?
  4.     Describe your family in three words

Looking for a Good Time at Your Next Family Get Together: 

Note: Do not do this if you hate each other. 

Introduce a story that you all remember. For example: That time we left Jimmy at the gas station. Then have everyone write the same story. When everyone’s done, compare the stories and see what you remember the same and what you remember differently.

Questions to Ask if You Want to Interview Family Members, or Get a Good Conversation Going: 

Truthfully, the mighty internet has a billion and one suggestions. Below are 20 of my favorites.

  1.    Tell me all about your name. Why was it given to you? Does it mean anything? What is your maiden name (for women)? What nicknames have people given you throughout your life and why? What do people call you now? And do you like it?
  2.    Describe your childhood home. Who did you live with? Who did you share a room with? How many bedrooms were there? What are your earliest memories of that home? What are you best and worst memories of that home?
  3.    What religion are you, if any? What religion were your parents? If you left that religion, tell me why? If you found another, tell me why?
  4.    What chore did you hate as a child?
  5.    What toy did you love as a child?
  6.    What games did you play as a child?
  7.    What fads did you follow during your youth?
  8.    What did you wear to school regularly. Describe it.
  9.    What was your first job?
  10.  Do you remember your first date? Can you tell me about it?
  11.  Tell me about your wedding. What did your dress/suit look like? What food was served? What music was played? Who attended?
  12.  What did you find most difficult about raising children? What did you find most pleasant?
  13.  Has anyone ever saved your life? Have you ever been in a serious accident?
  14.  Name a good friend you have known the longest. How many years have you been friends? How did you become friends? How did you stay friends?
  15.  What were the hardest choices you had to make?
  16.  What is the most stressful experience you ever lived through?
  17.  What is the scariest thing that ever happened to you?
  18.  Do you, or did you ever, play a musical instrument?
  19.  What pets did you have as a child? What do you remember about them?
  20.  Describe a favorite trip or vacation spot. Did you go as a child? Or later as an adult?

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