My First Post on My Shiny New Blog!



This post is the result of a lot of persistence and foolhardy cheapskatery. I’d love to have input from everybody. Is it navigating well? Does it show up on your phones or other devices? Is it fast or slow? If you have a few minutes, click around and see if it goes where it’s supposed to go. Do the social media buttons work, the contact forms? That pesky RSS feed that I don’t fully understand (please, somebody click on that RSS button and tell me if it’s working right?)

Do you like its look and feel? Is it easy to find stuff?

I would love to hear any comments, suggestions, etc. that you have in the comments below (or you can click on the handy contact form and contact me that way).

And if in your wanderings around this blog, you’d like to like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter (which I’m a total newbie to) or have a look at my Goodreads page or anything else, that would be awesome too.

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