Launch Party Announcement!


Hello world! Just announcing that Jake and I will be doing a launch party on August 20th, 2016 at 3:30 pm. You’re all invited. Kids, dogs, wolves, and half-breeds all invited. (That’s a lie, but it’s not my fault. Barnes and Noble doesn’t want you to bring your dogs or your wolves; I forgot to ask them about half-breeds. Werewolves are cool though since it’s not a full moon…)

The launch party will be the perfect time to bring your books and have me and Jake both sign them (so that when we’re totes famous, you’ll have something to sell on eBay and all). It’s also the perfect time to buy a book and then have me and Jake sign it.

In addition to preparing you for future eBay fortunes, we’ll be doing several giveaways. We’ll be giving away a book of IMG_20160707_185218140course. As well as the super cool “Part Wolf” t-shirt pictured (wow–that t-shirt model must be highly paid with her slightly greenish forehead…). And I kind of succumbed to some Vista Print advertising and ordered a Grey Stone mug to giveaway too. Guys, I just love getting free things (it’s a problem), so I want to have some fun free stuff to give to you too. So come!!! There might even be cookies. There will definitely be a bowl of candy.

I hope to see you all there.

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