Launch Party


This weekend Jake and I did our launch party for Grey Stone (now available in hard cover). It was so so great. A bunch of our friends came. Some people we didn’t know came. We started off with this table filled with stacked books (which I so wish I’d gotten a picture of), and by the end, there was only one book left. Then a boy wandered over as we were cleaning up and asked what it was. And bought the book. SOLD OUT. (We took a picture with him, we were so excited.)

I felt so loved and supported by all of our amazing friends. I mean, I knew I could guilt a few people into showing up and getting their books signed, but the rush of friends and love was just amazing. Thank you all!

And hello to the new people we met while there. Enjoy the book! And let us know if you liked it.

Now pictures.

20160820_155223  Kip and I at the signing. He was mostly taking pictures for me and trying to corral our young girls, so I was glad we got one together.

20160820_155447  Look at that eager little face.

20160820_161246 Jake got this cool Staff of Crespin for his birthday. How stinking fun is that? If you would like to have a piece of art commissioned for your nerdjoyment, contact me and I’ll get you the artist’s information.

13996326_1266723910018488_207620259491705930_o Here we are with two of my sister cats. Their wild cat spirits were somewhat evident during the event, but fortunately there was a lot of energy all around, so they blended in okay.

14115511_1266725146685031_6334365627942025545_o And the boys who inspired the characters for Pietre and Markhi. I love both of these kids so much. On the left is Jake’s son Peter, and on the right is my son Mark.

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