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Since a lot of us writers don’t like to have to change out of our pajamas, it’s often easiest to work out at home. I do this most of the time. Below you’ll find a few of my favorite workout sources. All you have to do is hop on Youtube and you’re done. No changing of clothes or wearing of pants required.

For Yoga:

Five Parks Yoga
Leslie Fightmaster
Yoga with Adrienne
Yoga by Candace

For Weights/Body weight workouts:

Jessica Smith
Fitness Blender

For cardio:

Well, I just got an Xbox Zumba game for myself that I really like. I even learned how to turn on the TV and sort of how to use the Xbox, so I’m basically really cool now.

And there’s always Popsugar, which is a reliable find-any-kind-of-workout-you-want site.

And, truthfully, there are a million other resources on Youtube that you could use. You can literally type in, “Yoga for hands and wrists” and something will come up. Or try, “Yoga for desk dwellers” or “Ten Minute Afternoon Cardio,” or “Cardio Like a Monkey” (serious, this link came up when I typed that in, and it played the song, “Jump Like a Monkey,” which I have never heard, but there you go).

Anything. You can find just about any workout on Youtube. And it’s all free.

Here’s me in today’s workout outfit–sweatshirt and pajama bottoms. I know, it can’t be unseen. Sorry about that. Just be grateful you didn’t have to see my morning hair and face.

(My legs aren’t really little short toothpicks; it was just the angle. I guess that’s why people need selfie sticks–to avoid toothpick legs…)

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