Interested in having me come speak to your class or your school? You’re in the right place!

I’m the author of the young adult novel Grey Stone. I’m also a mother of four children, ages, 14, 12, 9, and 6. Below you’ll find a list of presentations I’d love to bring to your school. If interested, please contact me via the contact form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Happy reading!


Small Group Workshops

Poetry Pops (grades 3-6)

This fun, interactive mini-class takes about 30 minutes. During that time, I use various children’s poems, word magnets, and stories to teach about descriptive language. The kids will learn about active words, descriptive words, and crazy words. At the end of the class, each student will compose a poem of his or her own.

For an outline of the actual presentation, please contact me.

Writing Your Story (grades 5-12)

During this interactive workshop, we’ll touch on journaling, writing for purpose, and writing for pleasure. The bulk of the workshop will be fun writing exercises that inspire the kids to find their own story and their own voice. I want them to know that writing isn’t just for authors, that writing can impact the lives of regular kids and bring them joy, help them work through problems, and create connections in their lives. I also want them to know that writing is FUN! Throughout the workshop we will discuss and do short exercises for character, plot, and voice.  (Writing examples and tools will be adapted for the appropriate age groups, but the basic structure of the workshop will be the same for all.)

For an outline of the presentation, contact me.

Large Group Presentation

If you’d like to schedule me for a brief reading followed by a discussion of the writing process, the publication process, and the marketing process, please contact me. I will also discuss the impact of writing on life. There will be a Q & A at the end.


Before I go any further, let me say that, more than the money, I really want to come to your school and talk about writing. If your school cannot afford the below pricing, please contact me. I’m sure we can work something out.

Small Group Workshops: $50/workshop (so if I do four workshops in one afternoon, the cost will be $200)

Large Group Presentation: $150

What teachers are saying….

“I was so impressed with how the students responded to the quick writes, that I have started using them on a weekly basis.  Thank you for that idea.  I couldn’t believe how we could hear the pencils writing.  All of our students were engaged.  Again, thank you for coming and visiting our classes.” Erica Springer, 6th grade English Language Arts teacher

“Thank you so much for visiting our classroom today! The students really enjoyed your lesson on poetry. They were creative and worked well together in their groups.” Elizabeth Reeves, 3rd grade teacher

“Aren’t we lucky! We got to hear from two published authors today who helped us walk through some writing exercises to get our writing brain going! Thank you to Jacob Kennedy and Jean Knight Pace for sharing your passion with us!” Mrs. Ritter, 5th grade teacher

“Ms. Pace did an interactive workshop–not the run of the mill “sit quietly and answer author questions”! She had the students writing the entire time, encouraged them to be creative, and gave them time to share their work! Her patience was fabulous, especially with some of our reluctant middle school writers!” Ms. Miller, 7th grade English Language Arts teacher

“Jean held an interactive workshop for my seventh grade class. She prompted them with engaging questions and ideas, which easily kept their attention. They especially loved having the opportunity to share their work at the end of each session!” Ms. Langton, 7th grade English Language Arts teacher

“Ms. Pace did an interactive writing workshop with my middle school students. My students were highly engaged with the writing activities! They especially loved getting to share their work with the group!”  Ms. Berry, 7th grade English Language Arts teacher