Eville Con

So I’m trying to learn my way around the world of cons. This one was sponsored by Evansville. Thus, the Eville. Get it?

Once again, I shared a booth with my friend Terri (author T.I. Dunsterville with her book Warlocks of Evergreen). Our books are similar enough to attract the right crowd, but different enough that we don’t have to feel jealous of each other:). You’ll be able to find us with another friend (author C.A Jamison with her book Polarity) at Funk in the City here in Evansville on April 22nd.

At this con I tried to be less shy about asking people to get pictures. I did okay, though there were a bazillion more pictures I could have gotten. This guy looked at a bunch of books before coming back and telling me the book he was going to get was Grey Stone. That made me happy. I couldn’t guess his costume though. He’s a fantasy character, and the egg thing is a clue (he said he was going to add a clue to his costume each day. This is the kind of thing that makes cons so perfectly fun and nerdalicious). Can you guess who he is?

This one was just pretty.

This costume was completely homemade. It was incredible.

And Morticia Addams here is a local. She was telling me about her plans to open a coffee shop with lots of writer-friendly events. She was way cool.

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