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Polishing Your Manuscript

1. Adverbs.¬†We writers all love them. I know. And they love us. They’re just so easy. You don’t have to show a character being sad in her face or actions. You just put she said sadly. Done. Besides being easy and lazy, adverbs are also great when we’re feeling insecure. Maybe we did go

Letting It Into the World

Recently I heard a piece of the fantastic advice given to writers by Pixar’s story board artist Emma Coats (22 tips given via Twitter if you’re interested). Of all her advice, #8 struck me the most. “Finish your story, let go even if it’s not perfect. In an ideal world you have both, but

On Revision

A lot of people hate revisions. I kind of like them (unless I want to kill them)–there’s something so formative about taking my messy mass of manuscript and scraping and trimming and tidying it up into something manageable, readable, and–if I’m lucky–beautiful. However, I’ve always been an obedient person. And sometimes I’m too good