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Tips for Pitching at a Writer’s Conference

Wow guys. May has been a doozy (good doozy, not bad doozy) and I’ve been away from my sweet blog for longer than I intended. It’s just that I completed TWO WHOLE MANUSCRIPTS (in completely different genres), went to a writer’s conference (in Utah no less), had my birthday (whee) and Mother’s Day (also

How to Host a Successful Launch Party

Now that I’m a pro and all. But seriously, I couldn’t have been happier with our launch party. It was well-attended; it was fun; it sold books. Here are a few things I recommend: Have good communication with the person in charge at your book store. Schedule the party, let her know what you’re

Launch Party

This weekend Jake and I did our launch party for Grey Stone (now available in hard cover). It was so so great. A bunch of our friends came. Some people we didn’t know came. We started off with this table filled with stacked books (which I so wish I’d gotten a picture of), and

What Friends Can Do to Help You With Your Book (in case they ask because if they don’t, then don’t send them this post in a passive aggressive attempt to get more support; I can’t be a part of that)

  In an attempt to be completely self-serving, I’m compiling this list of ways you can help your writer friends out. Awesome, I’m sure you’re thinking. But seriously, I’ve had several people ask me, “What can I do to help you with your book?” Here is my answer, or answers as it were, as

When to Spend (a little) Money Marketing Your Book

When you’re about to publish a book or embark on any other new business adventure, you bump into a lot of people selling a lot of different things and services. All of them will look you in the eye (or through the proverbial eye of the internet) and say with all sincerity, “You know,