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Cover Reveal and Back Cover Blurb

Now isn’t that pretty? And to get you (hopefully) even more interested, here’s what the book is about. When Ella’s mother dies, and the aunt she’s never met whisks her away to a tiny town in Indiana, Ella is pretty sure they couldn’t have come to a more comatose place. But is it a

Book Giveaway

  May 1st is the last day to enter the Book Giveaway for Children’s, Middle Grade, and YA books. You’ll notice Grey Stone among them (of course). You can win one or all of these Kindle books when you enter. And since this giveaway is a little smaller than others I’ve participated in, your


The companion book to Grey Stone is called Grey Lore. Per the title, it plays with the idea of wolves and the lore that surrounds them. Tonight I was checking out a little picture inspiration.             Large numbers of wolves following the call of a strange and powerful Alpha.

What Friends Can Do to Help You With Your Book (in case they ask because if they don’t, then don’t send them this post in a passive aggressive attempt to get more support; I can’t be a part of that)

  In an attempt to be completely self-serving, I’m compiling this list of ways you can help your writer friends out. Awesome, I’m sure you’re thinking. But seriously, I’ve had several people ask me, “What can I do to help you with your book?” Here is my answer, or answers as it were, as