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Hey Everyone! Check out our interview with the lovely and talented Lanea Stagg. Lanea is the author of one of my favorite children’s books, Little Dog in the Sun, which we got for free on Kindle, but then I loved it so much I had to buy a physical copy. The illustrations are beautiful and the story makes me almost cry every time (my poor kids; their mother is a weeper and those children’s books–egads. There are several we own that I struggle to get through, not because they’re sad, but just because they’re so beautiful to me).

Lanea is also the author and chef behind the Recipe Records Cookbooks. Lanea, like me, is an avid lover of reading, cooking, and music. It was so much fun for Jake and me to be on her show. I hope you enjoy hearing a little more about Grey Stone and my collaboration with Jake in creating it.

Here’s the LINK FOR THE RADIO SHOW. And you can read even more about it on Lanea’s blog. I hope you enjoy listening.

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