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What Writers Can Learn from Musicians

Before I was a writer, I was a musician (I still am). Of all the arts, I think music is the one that best understands that non-glamorous word: Consistency. You’re not going to learn that song if you don’t sit your butt down (almost) every day and play. You’re not going to improve your

Tips for Pitching at a Writer’s Conference

Wow guys. May has been a doozy (good doozy, not bad doozy) and I’ve been away from my sweet blog for longer than I intended. It’s just that I completed TWO WHOLE MANUSCRIPTS (in completely different genres), went to a writer’s conference (in Utah no less), had my birthday (whee) and Mother’s Day (also

Book Giveaway

  May 1st is the last day to enter the Book Giveaway for Children’s, Middle Grade, and YA books. You’ll notice Grey Stone among them (of course). You can win one or all of these Kindle books when you enter. And since this giveaway is a little smaller than others I’ve participated in, your


The companion book to Grey Stone is called Grey Lore. Per the title, it plays with the idea of wolves and the lore that surrounds them. Tonight I was checking out a little picture inspiration.             Large numbers of wolves following the call of a strange and powerful Alpha.

Eville Con

So I’m trying to learn my way around the world of cons. This one was sponsored by Evansville. Thus, the Eville. Get it? Once again, I shared a booth with my friend Terri (author T.I. Dunsterville with her book Warlocks of Evergreen). Our books are similar enough to attract the right crowd, but different