Monthly Archive:: October 2016


This year I went to my first ever Tri-Con and enjoyed getting out-geeked by all the fantastic folks in costume there. You know I’ve always enjoyed super heroes and fantasy, but there were still so many people in costumes I didn’t recognize. In fact, I’m sad to say that there were a few costumed

Upcoming Charitable Book Events

  Hey All! Just want to announce a few events coming up where you can buy books AND give back (not like give back to me, like give back to the community)! First up is the Patchwork Central’s Holiday Arts Sale. You come, you stock up for Christmas on art and/or books all created

Fan Art Contest!

  We’re excited to announce our Fan Art Contest. It goes through March 30th. You can submit your art by simply posting a picture of it to my Facebook page. Of, if you can figure out how to add an image to the contact form above, you can do that (I just can’t tell

Fun Stuff: Book Club and Vogel School

  This week my little writerly self got a much needed social boost (because it becomes easy as a writer to sit around in your sweats/pj’s/sweatypj’s when you spend your time writing most of the day). So this week, it was fun to put on real clothes and head out into the world. First