Monthly Archive:: June 2016

Cover for Grey Stone

Just got my shiny new cover. We hit a few bumps on the road, so it’s been longer than expected in coming. But it’s here. And it’s beautiful. And I love it! The book should be out later this month.

Artsy Fartsy Artists

So I kind of pride myself on being not the artsy fartsy kind of artist. I have four kids, a happy marriage, and a budget. There’s not a lot of room for brooding and what not. I don’t get to throw myself into my room for days at a time and write. I don’t

Fan Art

We’ve had a minor kerfluffle (note: spell check does not recognize ‘kerfluffle’ and/or my spelling thereof as valid) with my cover. Which means there’s a little more waiting time than I had anticipated before Grey Stone comes out. In the meantime, my 11-year-old daughter has been sketching her own way through the story. She

When to Get Involved? When to Write Alone in Your Dark and Lonely Corner?

  I loved pretty much everything about graduate school. I went to Colorado State University to study creative writing after getting a BA in vocal music from Brigham Young University (so, um, I was clearly concerned with making tons of money in this life). Anyway, I loved grad school. I learned so much from

Different Types of Publishing

  Recently I attended a panel discussion on different types of publishing. We discussed traditional publishing, both through small and big publishers as well as different types of self-publishing, I learned a ton and thought you might too. Here are the bones: Traditional Publishing. This means that someone else pays to publish your book.