Monthly Archive:: May 2016

Geeking Out: A Map

One of the things I’ve loved about writing fantasy for teens is the opportunity to geek out as much as I want and call it “work.” In fact, in my pre-fanstasy-writing adult life I’d almost forgotten how fun it was to geek out, but I’d always loved Halloween costumes, foreign places (both real and

Writer’s Guilt

Writer’s Guilt: The feeling that comes when your pursue financially insecure dreams while someone else (as Stephen King put it) pays for your meal ticket. I had my first baby in graduate school (where I was studying creative writing), and I was pregnant with my second child by the time I graduated. My husband

Polishing Your Manuscript

1. Adverbs. We writers all love them. I know. And they love us. They’re just so easy. You don’t have to show a character being sad in her face or actions. You just put she said sadly. Done. Besides being easy and lazy, adverbs are also great when we’re feeling insecure. Maybe we did go

Banner for Grey Stone

Check out this awesome banner compliments of Cover Crush Designs. Grey Stone is coming this summer!